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AVA Benelux was originated in 1984 as RSO Radiateuren Groothandel in Rotterdam with the idea and philosophy of creating a company which could offer a larger range of products, not only cores but also complete radiators and other heat exchangers, so called "one stop shopping". During those years, the majority of the products requested were copper/brass cores which were replacing older and defective cores. Beside this re-coring business, RSO started to supply and deliver complete radiators for the independent aftermarket.

After years of growth - both domestic and internationally - the name of the company RSO was changed and once another leading company called Otodimex was taken over both were integrated into AVA Benelux.

The Dutch location serves as headquarter of the entire AVA Group gathering several functions such as the creation of the car parc database, new models and product development, the creation of the AVA catalogue and its constant catalogue updates.

Due to the wide experience in the heat transfer industry, all new models and new product groups are tested before any of these are being entered in the AVA range offered to the customers. Quality and continuity are the key facts and main criteria considered before the addition of a new product in the AVA range.

Since early 2017 AVA is part of the Enterex International Limited Group, a company listed at Taiwan Stock Exchange Taipei and one of the world's largest manufacturer of Radiators and Condensers for the automotive after-market and OEM's with an annual capacity of 5 million units.

The current product range for engine cooling are offered in a wide choice: radiators, heaters, oil coolers, intercoolers and cores (both in aluminum and copper/brass). For the aftermarket of Automotive Air conditioning, condensers, evaporators, driers and compressors (only new) are part of the AVA range. All these products together, can allow AVA to be a leader distributor on the international and national market and serve its customers in the best possible way.

AVA Benelux is currently located in Hilvarenbeek with a warehouse of 4500 m2 and a capacity of 150.000 items in stock. Daily shipments are made towards Belgium, Germany, France and Holland from the central warehouse, and most of the deliveries are carried out overnight in order to meet always the customer needs. The plan is to move to the new and larger premises by November 2018. The construction has already started and is proceeding smoothly. A new warehouse and distribution centre, covering a total area of 11,000 m² and located at the Kempisch Bedrijvenpark (KBP) in Hapert strategically close to the route to the Rotterdam and Antwerp Port and the German Ruhr area, will enable AVA to improve its logistic services and to continue working on the enlargement of product range thanks to the increased warehouse volume.

Flexibility, deep understanding customers\? needs as well as reliability are the key words of the AVA Benelux, your professional partner!
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