Fans and regulators

The fan has the important job to facilitate and supportthe temperature in the engine by pulling (or pushing) air through the core of the radiator. Under normal driving conditions, the airspeed will provide enough cooling for the engine. When there is no air speed, because the vehicle isn’t moving, a fan provides the extra airflow that can prevent an engine from overheating.

Product Benefits

Matching OE quality
Developed and tested to match quality of the original equipment

Reliability & performance

  • Continuous quality cotrol 
  • highest quality
  • 24-month warranty

Competitive range

  • Offer over 1010 references (includes over 2900 OE numbers)
  • Fan wheel only and complete fan

High quality packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging, perfectly protecting the product during transport.

Easy installation

The quality finish of the products allows for easy and trouble-free installation.