Heaters are an important part of the HVAC (Heat-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning) system, with the main function to heat up the interior of the vehicle. The coolant from the vehicle engine cooling system flows through the core of the heater, transferring heat to the air coming from the outside. The air, heated while going through the heater, is distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle. The airflow can be assisted by a blower.

The heater is located inside the vehicle under the dashboard and the core is like a small radiator that acts as a heat exchanger. Today heater cores are made of aluminum and the tanks are made of aluminum or plastic.

Product Benefits

OE quality

Produced in Enterex Group’s own factories and TitanX OE plants.

Reliability & performance

  • Tested quality in factory laboratories
  • In-house checks to ensure the highest quality
  • 24-month warranty
  • Additional protective coating for models particularly exposed to corrosion

Competitive range

Offer over 650 references (includes over 2000 OE numbers).

High quality packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging, perfectly protecting the product during transport.

Easy installation

The quality finish of the products allows for easy and trouble-free installation.