Intercoolers, also called air coolers, are used in supercharged combustion engines to cool compressed air in the compressor before delivering it to the engine. Lowering the temperature of air increases the density of the air, which increases the quantity of oxygen and fuel to be burned, thereby adding to the engine efficiency (increase in power).

The most common design of the air cooler is similar to a radiator: the core is made of aluminum and the tanks are made of aluminum or plastic.

Product Benefits

Matching OE quality

Developed and tested to match quality of the original equipment

Reliability & performance

  • Continuous quality cotrol 
  • 24-month warranty
  • Vacuum brazing technology used in selected coolers

Competitive range

  • Offer over 800 references (includes over 1500 OE numbers)
  • Vacuum brazing technology used in selected coolers

High quality packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging, perfectly protecting the product during transport.

Easy Installation

The quality finish of the products allows for easy and trouble-free installation.