The competitive range of AVA consists of 9.000 references, a market-leading number, which covers more than 29.000 OE numbers for engine cooling and air conditioning parts for the automotive aftermarket.
We are constantly busy with developing, expanding and optimizing our product portfolio to ensure that our products are in line with customer demands. This allows us to offer our customers a valuable high market coverage that maximizes the sales potential and business performance of our customers.

The Clever

Proven Thermal Player
AVA has won the trust of the customers as a reliable and specialized partner with a highly competitive offering.
Quality Parts
All AVA products are developed and tested to match the right level of quality. Everything to ensure an easy and trouble-free installation.
Optimized Product Range
Our optimized range is in sync with the market demands. A high carpark coverage with an optimized amount of part numbers ensure an efficient handling for customers.
Technical Expertise
AVA is your experienced and knowledgebale partner. This knowledge is part of our products and we are happy to support our customers at all times.
High-Quality Data
The AVA catalogue is considered as one of the best and most comprehensive catalogues on the market. Our product data quality guarantees the most accurate product identification. 
Not just Value for Money
We as AVA put our customers first and optimize our ways of working constantly to be The Clever Choice.

Optimized Product Range



Engine Cooling
AVA's range for engine cooling consists of 5.300 references which match more than 17.000 OE numbers. The 6 different product lines provide a complete offer for the engine cooling system, making AVA a one-stop shop for your business.

Our engine cooling range:
Fan Clutches
Oil coolers

Air Conditioning
AVA's air conditioning range consists of 3.650 references which match more than 12.000 OE numbers. The 8 different product lines provide a complete offer for the air conditioning system, making AVA a one-stop shop for your business.

Our air conditioning range
Expansion Valves
Receiver Driers


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