More than 60 years' experience in Thermal Management

AVA is a leading international supplier of engine cooling and air conditioning parts operating with multiple European locations. With more than 60 years' experience as thermal specialist in the automotive aftermarket, AVA knows exactly what is going on in the market and how to fulfill customer demands.

AVA is the aftermarket's clever choice ensuring an optimized product range with a valuable high market coverage that enlarges your sales potential and business performance.

Quality matters for our customers and even more for us. All of our products are tested and specified to standards which meet market demands.

Since end of 2020 AVA became part of the Nissens Automotive Group A/S.

Optimized Product Range

At AVA, we always focus on providing an optimized range for all customers. We ensure to offer a high car park coverage to fulfill market demands. Our optimized range enables us to offer a portfolio with an optimized amount of part numbers. This means, that you have to keep less items in stock to serve the market, without a negative impact on coverage.

Our well-thought product range perfectly reflects the applications in use, which means maximized sales potential with optimized costs for your inventories. Our product range covers: